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OOPS grab bag - set of 6 random, imperfect sticker sheets

OOPS grab bag - set of 6 random, imperfect sticker sheets

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★ OOPS grab bags ★

Includes 6 sheets of random, imperfect stickers at a heavily discounted price!
Please only buy these if you're okay with imperfect stickers.

Oops grab bags may include:

• Flake stickers - perfectly fine stickers, but loose due to the wrong blade setting. There will be a random amount from random sticker sheets, enough to fill one regular sticker sheet. This counts as one of 6 sheets included!

• Offset stickers, cut slightly too far to either side;

• Miscolored stickers when printer ink runs low or when the print comes out too saturated;

• Parts of sticker sheets, enough to fill one regular full sticker sheet; (counts as one sheet out of 6, even though they're loose)

• Large sparkly and regular single stickers that have some flaws; (sparkles didn't stick properly, miscolored print, etc) (3 single stickers count as one sheet out of 6)

• Sticker sheets with a few stickers accidentally sliced off, while the rest are perfect;

• Double cut stickers, where a few (mostly top row) are mis-cut while the rest are perfect;

• Stickers that haven't been cut at all; (will not include more than one per bag, I know cutting them out yourself can be tedious)

• Stickers that are perfect, but simply discontinued;

• Other random imperfections, really, anything can happen when my sticker cutter is in a bad mood! :)

Each grab bag includes 6 sheets and/or flake sticker bags. No two sheets will be the same in one bag, however, if you order multiple bags there will most likely be duplicates.

♥ I will -NEVER- include sticker sheets that are COMPLETELY ruined! These are still usable, they’re just not perfect. ♥

I am online every weekday so don't be shy and send me a message if you have any questions! :)

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