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Collection: single stickers

Also known as 'sticker flakes', this section features standalone stickers, rather than sticker sheets. They're bigger than the ones on the sticker sheets, and they're also printed on glossy paper, rather than matte! This is also where you can find sparkly stickers.

Please note that this is a section for regular, non-waterproof stickers that are meant for light use, like notebooks and bullet journals. For vinyl, weatherproof stickers, please visit the vinyl sticker sections!

(Remember - solid background means it's a regular sticker, grid background means it's a weatherproof, vinyl sticker! Sparkly (handmade, non-waterproof) stickers are showcased in photos and ignore this rule. Hope this helps you find your way around!)

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  • Animal Crossing Beau sticker - glossy
    Animal Crossing Beau sticker - glossy
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