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IMPERFECT STICKERS - "Oops" grab bag, mis-cut or mis-colored discounted paper stickers

IMPERFECT STICKERS - "Oops" grab bag, mis-cut or mis-colored discounted paper stickers

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Things can go wrong when I cut my paper stickers! Technical difficulties with printing and cutting can happen along the way, however, I'm trying to minimize waste here at Moonlume, so if the stickers are not completely destroyed... they go in what's called an "Oops" grab bag!

These little packs of imperfect stickers need a loving home - they're heavily discounted, (£0.50 each!) and they can contain a variety of errors. While the list below is not a full list of things that can happen (my cutter is unpredictable..!) it should give you an idea of what you can expect.


- material: paper stickers, non-waterproof
- each pack contains 6 random sticker sheets (or equivalent)


- mis-colored stickers, due to the printer running out of ink;
- mis-cut stickers, where the kiss-cuts are offset one way or another;
- sheets with some stickers completely fine, but some mis-cut;
- sheets that haven't been cut at all (don't worry, I understand that cutting them yourself is tedious, so I won't include any more than one per pack!);
- loose parts of sheets with stickers that are completely fine (will add enough to make up a sheet);
- loose stickers when the blade cuts too deep;
- single sticker flakes where the amount makes up a sheet equivalent or more;
- ...the list goes on! Basically, as long as the stickers are still useable, just imperfect, they can be in one of these packs!


- stickers that are completely unusable;
- two of the same sticker sheet in one pack;
(you will probably still receive doubles if you purchase multiple packs, so I recommend getting just one per person)

Please keep in mind that the stickers in the preview are only examples, the sheets you get in your pack will be random!

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