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JUNE 2022 Sticker Club exclusive vinyl sticker

JUNE 2022 Sticker Club exclusive vinyl sticker

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This item is currently exclusive to the active members of the Moonlume Sticker Club. Non-member purchases will have to be refunded and cancelled. You can read more about the Sticker Club and/or join here!

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"Rose mage and Sunflower mage... Life-long enemies from the mage academy, and yet, you almost never see one without the other. What's going on there, really?"


All my single stickers / sticker flakes are printed on VINYL! This means that they're waterproof and very sturdy, so you can stick them anywhere - notebooks, laptops, bullet journals, planners, water bottles, consoles, etc..! They're also lovely little gifts to include for your snail mail penpals :)


- width: 5 cm
- height: 4.6 cm
- material: transparent vinyl

If you prefer other sticker materials, check my store! I have vinyl stickers in holographic, matte, kraft, transparent - you name it!


- please be aware that colors may slightly differ on different screens.

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