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Black Friday + Cyber Monday 2021


Hey hey! It's time for my annual sale :) Here are the details!




• 20% off everything with the code above! Ends Tuesday midnight UK time.


• You can grab Sticker Club exclusive items during the sale even if you're not a member! I do this once every year :) Feel free to ignore the "members only" warnings until Tuesday!


• You get random extras with every order!


• Are you outside of the UK? Orders will start going out on Monday on a first come first serve basis, but unfortunately I can't guarantee Christmas delivery. Might make it, might not - that's not me being snarky, it's really how it is, holiday rush is relentless :( One USA order came within a week, while an order from Sweden took over a month to reach me in the UK recently. Do with that what you will!


• I've got two new notebooks, and two new washi tapes!



Thanks for your support and have a great day!