FREE SHIPPING on orders over £20 (UK) / £40 (international)

COVID-19 shipping update

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read this page!

I am trying to minimize trips to the post office, so most orders will go out once a week on MONDAY! This includes all orders placed by Sunday evening. (UK time)

Keyword is "most" - you might get a shipping notification mid-way through the week after all, if I was going somewhere anyway!

Please also be advised that I'm seeing delays in international mail due to the multiple situations in the world right now. Mail sometimes may take 1-2 extra weeks (on top of regular 1-3 week shipping times) to reach international customers, I'm very sorry!

(This is mostly an international issue, but I have noticed occasional 3-5 day delays in some local UK orders as well, so please be aware!)