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    A stationery box delivery every season, for my fellow stationery enthusiasts! Featuring magical and whimsical themed illustrations by Maple from Moonlume. That's me!! Hello! :D (£26 + shipping)

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    One themed stationery box; new designs are released every season! If subscriptions aren't your thing, you can grab a one-off box at a slightly higher cost by clicking the link below. These work great as gifts, too! (£30 + shipping)

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SUMMER 2023: "?????" stationery box:
Currently working on the Summer 2023 designs, hoping to be done by the start of July!

If you'd still like to buy the Spring 2023 box, leftover stock will be added to my shop soon!

Re-usable sticker collecting book

(NOTE: This information is for the previous Spring 2023 box, please check back later for updates on the Summer box! Thank you!) Prior to this new stationery box project, I was running a little Sticker Club for 4 years. I know that a lot of people will be coming from there, so there's no better item to start this project off with - a re-usable sticker book for all those stickers I've been sending out!

Perfect for organising all your stickers in one place!

Details: A6 size, 100 pages (50 sheets)

Holographic washi tape

(NOTE: This information is for the previous Spring 2023 box, please check back later for updates on the Summer box! Thank you!) A cloudy, dreamy washi tape, with spot-holographic accents on the stars and constellations. So shiny!

Details: 10m long, 1.5cm wide standard size washi tape

Matte vinyl sticker sheet

(NOTE: This information is for the previous Spring 2023 box, please check back later for updates on the Summer box! Thank you!) The best of both worlds - these sticker sheets are waterproof, so they can survive heavy outdoor/indoor use, and their matte finish won't make them a shiny eyesore in notebooks, bullet journals and planners!

Details: A6 size, waterproof, 14 kiss-cut stickers

Art print

(NOTE: This information is for the previous Spring 2023 box, please check back later for updates on the Summer box! Thank you!) Enjoy the peacefully swimming fishies in a larger format than the sticker book with this dreamy, pastel art print!

Details: A5 size, matte finish

Memo notepad

(NOTE: This information is for the previous Spring 2023 box, please check back later for updates on the Summer box! Thank you!) Finally, the last item in this dreamy set - a memo pad for your shopping lists, snail mail, planners, etc.!

Details: A6 size, 50 pages. Please keep in mind that a "memo pad" is not "sticky notes" - these simply tear off the pad with no glue residue!

(Please be advised that the images above are 3D mock-ups, though they have been made to be as accurate as possible to the end result!)

Hi there! I'm Maple, and I'm the artist behind Moonlume's Magic Mail! I love designing stationery, and after running a Sticker Club for 4 years, I've decided to expand. So... welcome to the new home of my seasonal stationery box! ✩°。 ⋆

As an artist, I focus mainly on whimsical and magical themes! I love everything above our skies and below our oceans - there's so much mystery and wonder in the unknown! I also take lots of inspiration from video games, fantasy books and Y2K internet vibes! If you're new to Moonlume, my little online store/brand, you can view my Instagram gallery over here, so you know what to expect :)

Are you a stationery enthusiast like myself? Then I'd be delighted if you supported this project - funding from both subscriptions and one-off purchases always goes towards the production of the next box!

Please make sure to fully read this section before subscribing or placing an order! You can also use the contact page to get in touch if you have any further questions.


How much does each box cost?

If you'd like to subscribe, each box is £26 + shipping. (Billed every 3 months.) One-off purchases are £30 + shipping.

Shipping, with a mandatory tracking number, is £5 (UK) or £10 (international). So, the total for each seasonal box is as follows:

Subscription: £31 (UK) / £36 (international)

One-off purchase: £35 (UK) / £40 (international)

Subscribers get the best price as they are helping me fund these boxes to begin with! All prices are in GBP. (British Pounds)

What comes in each box?

Stationery featuring original artwork by yours truly! Different items will be included in each seasonal box, but I can almost guarantee there will be a sticker sheet and washi tape in each one. You can view the exact contents and their specifications in the section above called "What's in your box?". This section will update every season, when a new set is released.

When are new sets / themes released?

I will be aiming to release a new theme as early as possible each season. But I am just one funky little artist running this business, so I can't always guarantee an exact schedule - that's why there's a "Current Status" section above, where you can check the progress of each seasonal box. You can also keep an eye on my social media for more frequent updates & work-in-progress pictures!

Which box theme am I getting when I sign up, exactly..?

If you sign up or place a one-off order anytime during Spring, you get the Spring box. Same for any other season!

Spring: March 1st - May 31st;
Summer: June 1st - August 31st;
Autumn: September 1st - November 30th;
Winter: December 1st - February 28th/29th.

If you've just missed a box, no worries, contact me and I'll try to sort it out for you, provided I have any left in stock!

Is moonlume.com the only place I can get this box?

At the moment, yes, but I am also planning to make it available via Patreon and Etsy, for people who prefer those. Boxes will be a little more expensive on third-party websites though, to combat their high fees!

They will also be available at live events that I attend, such as MCM Comic Con!

EDIT: Patreon now available! Click here!

What happens after the season ends, can I still buy these designs?

Yes, provided I have leftover stock, as some items will come in limited quantities. These will be added to my store at regular retail prices, as separate items, some time after a season ends.

Buying a box during the season is recommended though, because that is when you get the best price for the whole set. (Especially if you subscribe!) Your purchases help fund the next box, so it's only fair to offer the best price to people supporting this project! To put it bluntly: production is expensive, so no funding = no stationery!


How does the subscription work?

You get charged immediately for your first box, then you get charged every 3 months, on the same day you first subscribed, for every new seasonal box.

You can cancel the subscription at any time through the customer portal, which you can access via magic link sent to your email after you sign up. (Or via your moonlume.com account!) You can even change the date you want to be charged on!

Please see this page for A FULL OVERVIEW OF THE SUBSCRIPTION SYSTEM and what you can do with it! I did not want to clutter the main page with extra pictures, so it's on a separate page :)

I've lost my magic login link!

Uh oh! Contact me and I'll send it to you again! :) For convenience, I suggest making an account at my store, so you can recover it without my help next time!

Why is PayPal not an option for subscriptions?

Unfortunately, PayPal has very steep minimum requirements to be approved for reference transactions, (you need these for subscriptions) which as a small business I am unable to meet. If you're able to use a card instead, that is encouraged! If not - you will also be able to support this project via Patreon soon, which does take PayPal. (Coming soon! Sorting some things out with their support at the moment!)

EDIT: Patreon now available! Click here!


How much is shipping?

£5 for UK customers, £10 for international.

Can I request non-tracked, cheaper shipping?

No, sorry! These boxes are expensive to produce and come in limited quantities, I want to make sure each one is insured after it leaves my studio.

How long will it take for me to get my box?

Firstly - please check the "Current Status" section above! Shipping each season begins when the star reaches the end of the progress bar, and the status says "READY TO SHIP!". This would usually be towards the end of the season.

After that, it depends on where you live. All orders are being shipped from Birmingham, United Kingdom.

United Kingdom: 2-5 business days.
Europe: 7-14 business days.
The rest of the world: 10-21 business days.

Please keep in mind that this does not account for any postal delays due to bad weather, holiday season, strikes, etc. Any major delays will be communicated in the "Current Status" section.

Can I combine the stationery box with other items from the shop?

One-off purchases: Yes! It's exactly the same as any other item in my shop, the only difference is that the tracked shipping is mandatory.

Subscriptions: Sort of..! Due to the limitations of the system, you will still be charged subscription shipping separately from regular shipping. This is because the system needs to continue taking payments each season, and can't connect this to a regular order!

The only solution for this is manual: please leave a note with your order, telling me if you would prefer an extra item, or if you'd like me to refund the extra shipping.

If there's no note attached, you'll be getting an extra item!

Will I get customs charges?

If you're outside of the UK, possibly. Please check your local laws. Buyers are responsible for any customs charges, as with any other purchase.

OTHER ✩°。 ⋆

Why are the subscription emails coming from a different domain?

Moonlume's Magic Mail is powered by Seal Subscriptions, that's why any emails related to subscriptions will be coming from them :)

Anything else?

If you have any other questions at all, don't be shy and send me a message via the contact page! I'll do my best to help!