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Moonlume's Sticker Club - info & news

"Cute stickers delivered to your door every month!"




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Sign-ups for this theme have CLOSED, leftover stock will be added to the members store soon.



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What is this "Sticker Club" and how does it work?

It's my little subscription service for sticker lovers! Every month members of my sticker club get an original set of vinyl stickers sent their way, illustrated by me - Maple! Hello! :)

Each set of stickers follows a theme, which is decided on by members of the club through voting!

If you've missed a theme you like, this also comes with access to the members store, where you can grab designs from recent months. All Sticker Club designs become available to the general public 6 months after their initial release.

Many artists have a sticker club, each offering their own unique bundle of goodies! But that also means everyone sets theirs up differently. To make things clear, here's what our typical monthly schedule looks like!

 Let's break down this calendar with some examples:

• 1st  - 5th: Membership payments for the theme announced last month begin coming through. There's a 5 day window for Patreon, the site our club is hosted on, to process payments.

• 5th: A new theme gets announced! New members can join anytime during the rest of the month for this new theme. (i.e. if it's January, a new theme gets announced for February, and you can join anytime during the rest of January for this theme)

Digital files for the previous theme also get posted on the 5th.

• 10th - 15th: Shipping for the theme announced last month begins! Local UK shipping should take up to a week, while USA and the rest of the world will have to wait a little longer, around 2-3 weeks. (Shipping is heavily subject to global shortages and delays, especially now! If you're worried about your package, please get in touch. Any general delays will be communicated via Patreon updates!)

• 15th: Voting for a new theme begins! Due to how production works, voting is for a theme two months ahead. (i.e. if it's January, you'd be voting for March!) This is done through Patreon, so you'd get an email for every new poll.

• 28th - 31st: ...whichever is the last day for that month (i.e. in April it would be 30th) is the last day to sign up for the upcoming theme, which was announced earlier, on the 5th! This closes at 11:55pm PT, please check your timezone.

Hope this doesn't sound too confusing! You can upgrade / downgrade / cancel your subscription at any time of the month before the payments begin coming through.

The short version:

If a theme says "February 2022" it means it ships in February 2022, so please sign up before February begins, because I need time to make your stickers! :)

Questions? Check the FAQ page or use this contact form to get in touch!

NOTE: Please keep in mind that I am just one person, so dates often shift +/- a few days, depending on my schedule! Thanks for your understanding!