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MYSTERY BAG - set of 5 random vinyl sticker sheets

MYSTERY BAG - set of 5 random vinyl sticker sheets

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Can't decide on which stickers to get, or just like a surprise? Then this little discounted mystery bag is for you! I will literally dip my hand into my sticker stock box and randomly pick 5 vinyl sticker sheets to send your way.

No duplicates per pack - if I get a duplicate, I will re-draw!

These stickers are printed on MATTE VINYL! This means that they're waterproof, they can survive heavy outdoor/indoor use, and on top of that, their matte finish won't make them a shiny eyesore in notebooks, bullet journals and planners!

All my matte stickers can be easily written on too - just make sure to give the ink a little bit of time to dry! You can also test your pens first on the white areas in-between stickers :)


- size: each sticker sheet is A6 (105mm x 148mm)
- one pack contains 5 random sticker sheets
- all sticker sheets in these packs are waterproof


- the gray lines visible in the previews are not printed, they're just there to let you know where the stickers are cut;
- the previews are just there as EXAMPLES, the sticker sheets that your pack will contain are RANDOM;
- please be aware that colors may slightly differ on different screens.

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