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Spooky Games - Spooky Switch B GRADE enamel pin

Spooky Games - Spooky Switch B GRADE enamel pin

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!! PLEASE NOTE: This is a B GRADE pin! This means that it has some visible flaws and is therefore heavily discounted. Please only buy this pin if you are okay with this! Otherwise, please take a look at the 'enamel pins' section in the shop where you can find standard A grade pins. !!


"Uh oh, looks like your game is haunted! Uhh... What now? I don't think blowing on the cartridge is going to help in this situation..."

A spooky enamel pin made with black dyed metal and soft enamel! The dyed metal gives it a very unique bubbly-yet-soft texture :)


 design: spooky switch
 black dyed metal
 42 mm x 25 mm
 soft enamel
2 x black rubber clutches


• Please note that colors may slightly differ on different screens.

• WARNING: Please take extra care with these black dyed metal pins! For the sake of transparency and honesty - these were made using an experimental technique, which is a little flawed. The sparkles and text were printed directly on the dyed metal (rather than on enamel where it would be 100% safe) so they are more at risk of getting scratched off. I humbly ask you to only buy these pins if you're okay with that! Thank you!

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