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STARLUME - rainbow metal enamel pin - Atom

STARLUME - rainbow metal enamel pin - Atom

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♥ STARLUME - rainbow metal enamel pin - Atom ♥

The Starlume series of galaxy-esque enamel pins have been a big success on Kickstarter and they are now on general sale!


- design: Atom
- rainbow plated
- 32mm x 35mm
- soft enamel
- 2x rubber clutch


• Please keep in mind that rainbow plating is incredibly random. As you can see in the photos, some pins will be more pink, some more blue, more green or more yellow. The exact colors on your pin will be random, please understand this is not something I can control and only buy this pin if you're okay with this!

• Since enamel pins are partly handmade, please keep in mind that they may have tiny flaws, like small specs of dust trapped in the enamel, or tiny scratches. (This is about standard A grade pins, like the one you're looking at now. For heavily discounted B grade pins (that have visible flaws) please see the clearance section at my shop)

• Please note that colors may slightly differ on different screens.

I am online every weekday so don't be shy and send me a message if you have any questions! :)

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