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Night Market - "Bonesy, the Floral Familiar" enamel pin

Night Market - "Bonesy, the Floral Familiar" enamel pin

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"Ah, the Night Market! Held in the village at the end of every year, it's an event that attracts many wizards and alchemists that are eager to sell their newest inventions and brews. You suddenly hear a voice calling out to you from a nearby stall - "Hey, hey buddy! You lookin' for a companion? I'm the best flower hound out there you know!"


 design: Bonesy, the Floral Familiar
gold plated
 33 mm x 51 mm
hard enamel
2 x black rubber clutches


• Since enamel pins are partly handmade, please keep in mind that they may have tiny flaws, like small specs of dust trapped in the enamel, or tiny scratches. (This is about standard A grade pins, like the one you're looking at now. For heavily discounted B grade pins (that have very visible flaws) please see the clearance section at the shop.)

• Please note that colors may slightly differ on different screens.

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